GoCar GPS-Guided Tours


A new service provided by GoCar Tours allows vacationers to rent mini talking cars and roam cities like San Diego and San Francisco, with the service expanding to Miami in the near future as well.

The cars look more like something out of Disneyland than a typical tour car, with bright yellow paint and black racings stripes, complete with your own number.

The GoCars can be driven on normal roads up to 30 mph, but may be restricted on certain roadways such as bridges, and can be parked in motorcycle parking spots along the way.

The GoCar features GPS navigation and an audio tour that talks about a variety of tourist destinations in the city you rent the car from.

It beats taking a tour bus because you can set your own schedule, personalize your tour, stop and go, and visit more offbeat places.

The GoCar rents for $44 for the first hour, $34 for the second hour, or $150 for an entire day.

It sounds like a fun and exciting way to explore a new city without the bore of a guided tour, although it will cost you.

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